A warm welcome for December!

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Today is the first of December!
It's Advent;time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus.
I thought that this year I'll have an Advent Calendar also for myself.While my sons are happy with their
chocolate Advent Calenders I want something different and I'll share it with you...
My Advent Calender consists of God's promises!I'll write every day until Christmas one promise that God has given us in the Bible.
God has promised us so many things...He cares about us!And speaking out loud these promises is so important;they provide a foundation for us.Praying and declaring Scripture out loud not only helps to renew your mind, it helps you stand firm, and it certainly puts the devil in his place.

So speak out the promises of God daily and allow them to be an anchor within your heart!Expect God's word to be fulfilled in your life!
Have a great Advent time!

ps.God loves you!

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