I red Christine Caine's status on Facebook a few days ago and it made me think...
"Take some time to thank God for all the shut doors in 2012... new doors are about to open in 2013 #youwillbegrateful."

Yes.So true!Gratitude means that I'm thankful for all
the things I have and that I'm more concentrate on the things I have
 than on the things I don't have.
So as the year 2012 is near to end I want to pray and thank God:

Dear Heavenly Father,
I want to thank you with my whole heart for all the things you have been given
and doing in my life in this year 2012.And I want to thank you even for the 
closed doors as I know you have a great plan for my life and I know that you will
guide me and you are willing to bless me even more that I can ever ask.
Thank you for your love and thank you for who YOU ARE.
In Jesus name.Amen.

 God bless you!

Who can add to Christmas? The perfect motive is that God so loved the world. The perfect gift is that He gave His only Son. The only requirement is to believe in Him. The reward of faith is that you shall have everlasting life. ~Corrie Ten Boom 

So in this Christmas we can remember what He's done
and honor the perfect gift--God's one and only Son!
 Have a blessed Christmas time!

ps.If you haven't yet received the best gift ever simply pray like this:

SO I NOW WANT TO LIVE FOR YOU.Forgive all my sins and come to live in my heart.
I acknowledge YOU as MY SAVIOR AND LORD.Guide my life.
In Jesus name.Amen.

Today I want to share with you 3 gifts white...

I'm so happy and thankful that I found this white star from Ikea.(I know with the light on it looks
like yellow and not white...but it is white!)
I just love this kind of Christmas decoration!
Maybe because when I was a child we used to have an orange Christmas star 
in the window during the Christmas time and I just loved to watch and enjoy that light...
And secondly a star is just a great symbol from the real Christmas story.

White hyacinths...just love them;it's one of my favorite flowers.
And the fragrance is wonderful...
So thank you God for creating these beautiful white hyacinths so that I
can enjoy them today!

We have these days snow!
My sons have been enjoying it so much;they have been hours outside playing 
with the snow.
Me too, I had to get out to make a nice walk on the snow;and I was 
happy to have my husband's white snowboots on;didn't feel any cold. :)
So thank you Father for the white snow!

God's word is food for our souls! 
Memorize it.Confess it.
Let the words of the Bible enter into your mind and descend into your heart...
And let God's word transform your whole being!
Have a blessed day!

Hi!How are you?
I hope you are ok...because often Christmas can be can be the most stressful of times.
We have very long  to-do-lists and we are rushing with many issues...
And when we have too many things to do it's easy that we become stressed.

The stress can become overwhelming, even under the best circumstances...
Fun and frustration; peace and panic; excitement and exhaustion;and spending...
And all of sudden we forgot why we are even celebrating the Christmas.
So let us just stop for a while and think.

Do not be afraid. 
I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. 
 Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; 
he is the Messiah, the Lord.
Luke 2:10-12

So no...we don't want to be stressed but we sure want to celebrate our savior.
Anyways there isn't a right or wrong way to celebrate Christmas...Maybe you can 
change something in your Christmas traditions so that you won't be so stressed.
Let's not focus on commercial values of Christmas but...

Take a brake,enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and just relax and enjoy and
reflect that we really do have a savior!

  Did you know that the first Christmas song ever was sung by the shepherds
and it was a worship song to God!
So while drinking your coffee or tea listen this Christmas song and
worship God!

"Come and adore Him
And bring gifts before Him
Joy to the world
Worship the Son
This is Christmas."

Have a blessed Christmas time!

Gabriel was sent from God to Nazareth. Nazareth was a town in the country of Galilee.  He went to a woman who had never had a man. Her name was Mary. She was promised in marriage to a man named Joseph. Joseph was of the family of David.  The angel came to her and said, 
“You are honored very much. You are a favored woman. The Lord is with you. You are chosen from among many women.”
 When she saw the angel, she was troubled at his words. She thought about what had been said.  The angel said to her, “Mary, do not be afraid. You have found favor with God. See! You are to become a mother and have a Son. You are to give Him the name Jesus. He will be great. He will be called the Son of the Most High. 
Luke 1:26-32 

I can only imagine how amazed Mary was when the angel appeared to her.
And I guess her though might have been:Me?Did God really choose me?
And maybe you are thinking in the same way about yourself...

But ever since after Maria God has been
using unlikely and insignificant people to achieve his purposes! 

"Man looks at the outward appearance, but The LORD looks at the heart" 
1 Samuel 16:7 

So...I just love how Revd Canon J.John says it:
What you do today may seem to be nothing, 
but if God is involved - a nothing can become everything.  

So I pray that you will be everything God created you to be!

Have a great advent time!


God's word is food for our souls! 
Memorize it.Confess it.
Let the words of the Bible enter into your mind and descend into your heart...
And let God's word transform your whole being!
Have a blessed day!

 I personally love art;I enjoy looking at it as well as doing it.
Lately the form of my creativity has been photographing but
last week as my son was sick and we had to find something to do at home
I remembered my watercolors...So we did some painting together.
And it felt so good!So this is a piece of my work;
it's still unframed as I want to add something else on it...
Thank you God for the creativity!

This other unframed art is my son's drawing:
it's me making some orange juice for the breakfast!
This drawing makes me smile!
Thank you God for my son's creativity!

And the's a wonderful unframed art made by God!
Thank you God for creating such a beautiful nature!

Today it's all about red gifts...

This time of the year I enjoy eating pomegranates.
And I'm thankful for this red fruit as it's very good&healthy for me.
Pomegranates are high in vitamin C and potassium, they are a great source of fiber, 
and very rich in antioxidants. 
So thank you God for creating red pomegranates!

A beautiful red rose...a gift from my husband.
Thankful for both;for the rose and my husband!

 A quiet moment enjoying the red light that the candle creates...
Thanking God for being beside me,all the time!

I will thank the Lord because he is just;
    I will sing praise to the name of the Lord Most High.
  Psalm 7:17

Here in Italy we don't celebrate thanksgiving,
but I have always loved the idea to have a special day to
give thanks!
But I hope we can all be thankful every day,because God is good!
Anyways I wish my all my American friends and readers 
Happy Thanksgiving!

I am the way and the truth and the life. 
No one comes to the Father except through me.
John 14:6

Have a blessed day!

Hi!How are you?
It has been a while I haven't been posting about my gift list...
although I haven't stopped to be thankful (just been busy with other things!)...
But today I want to share with you 3 gifts I have found in autumn...

I'm thankful for these seasonal fruits and vegetables.
I love these bright colors (+other healthy things!)which brings energy to my day!

This autumn has been warm and sunny!
(only today it starts to feel more winter than autumn!)
It has been lovely to be outside and enjoy all the goodness of God!

In the autumn all the colors in the nature are so beautiful...
and that's the thing I enjoy the most in the autumn.
While looking around and seeing all these bright reds,oranges,yellows I
can't be nothing else than thankful!
Thank you God for creating the autumn so colorful!

God's word is food for our souls! 
Memorize it.Confess it.
Let the words of the Bible enter into your mind and descend into your heart...
And let God's word transform your whole being!
Have a blessed day!

I wanted to create a collage of the images I did for this past 31 days 
without stress...
I know you can't read all the texts because of the small size
 (you can find all the images in bigger size in this blog),but
may this colorful collage just to be a reminder for us 
that we can change our attitude for more "colorful"
if we want to.
Be blessed!

Hi!How are you?
Today is the final day of the project 31 days without stress.
I don't know if my project has been helpful for anyone else than myself,
but I'm glad I did it because for me it has been good to study all these
things how I can avoid stress in my life.

For the last day of this project I will share with you probably the most
important thing:
If we are going to succeed to live our lives without too much stress,
then we must learn that we shouldn't do anything without first praying.
And we need to pray our way through the day.
The Bible promises us in Philippians 4:19: 

And my God will meet all your needs 
according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.

God promises us that He is able to meet every need!
 And God never changes, His promises are always true!
But He is a changer;if you are willing to do make changes in your life,
He is ready to His part to help you!
But it’s up to you and your choice! 
If you decide to make changes in your life in order to be less
stressed and you pray about it you will see that
the prayer opens the door for God to work in your life!

See, I will do a new thing. 
It will begin happening now. Will you not know about it? 
I will even make a road in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert. 
Isaiah 43:19

and experience that God never changes but He is a changer!

Be blessed!
Day 1  
    ps.Remember that you are too blessed to be stressed!

For a month I have been talking about different ways to reduce or avoid stress-
and the good news is that 

 You can break free the wrong habits;
make changes to be less stressed!
And please don't say:
"Yes, I’m going to make changes, but some other time!"
 If you don't make the changes now you might find yourself
with the same problems a year from now.
And before we know it, 
we have put something off for a year, five years, even ten years...

God wants to do His part; He will help you if you ask!
But it’s time for you to do your part! Do it now!
  Day 1

As God's children we are blessed beyond measure,but
sometimes we get so busy and stressed that we forget to
give thanks to the Giver and we forget to count our
But giving thanks is a real cure for stress!
 Do it on purpose;instead of complaining about your
stress and murmuring about all your tasks
give thanks!
Give thanks for all the little things that you take for granted,
be grateful for what you have today.
Give thanks to the Lord because HE IS GOOD!


Don't let the busy pace of life rob your peace that is yours through Jesus Christ.
If you stressed find time in your schedule just to be still and wait before God.

Be still, and know that I am God...
Psalm 46:10 

Have you heard about soaking?
Soaking or soaking prayer means resting in God’s presence.
It's time when you
listen to His voice, and soak in His love.
Soaking prayer carefully avoids any set purpose—
no intercession, no requests,
 just a complete surrender of body, soul, and spirit to the Holy Spirit. 
It's time when you get total rest from your stress.

If life is stressing you out you need to calm down and rest!

"Our minds need to rest from worrying about how to take care of problems, 
our emotions need to rest from being upset all the time, 
and our wills need a rest from stubbornness and rebellion."
-Joyce Meyer

Rest is actually a weapon against the stress!

 When you live in rest and out of rest you can not be else
than happy and you start to see things  in a way
God sees them.
And this, of course, reduces stress!
Living in rest means that the mind is free from all bondage.

Get God involved in every area of your life and allow Him to lead you into rest. 
God tells us that if we are tired and stressed we can go to Him and He
will show us how to rest!