Don't let the busy pace of life rob your peace that is yours through Jesus Christ.
If you stressed find time in your schedule just to be still and wait before God.

Be still, and know that I am God...
Psalm 46:10 

Have you heard about soaking?
Soaking or soaking prayer means resting in God’s presence.
It's time when you
listen to His voice, and soak in His love.
Soaking prayer carefully avoids any set purpose—
no intercession, no requests,
 just a complete surrender of body, soul, and spirit to the Holy Spirit. 
It's time when you get total rest from your stress.

If life is stressing you out you need to calm down and rest!

"Our minds need to rest from worrying about how to take care of problems, 
our emotions need to rest from being upset all the time, 
and our wills need a rest from stubbornness and rebellion."
-Joyce Meyer

Rest is actually a weapon against the stress!

 When you live in rest and out of rest you can not be else
than happy and you start to see things  in a way
God sees them.
And this, of course, reduces stress!
Living in rest means that the mind is free from all bondage.

Get God involved in every area of your life and allow Him to lead you into rest. 
God tells us that if we are tired and stressed we can go to Him and He
will show us how to rest!



Being excessively tired and stressed will affect our health and
it can affect also our spiritual life.
So as God tells us that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit we
want to keep it in a good condition and this simply means we need 
to exercise.
Don't worry; I'm probably preaching more to myself than to you...
But if you don't exercise regularly I would like to encourage also you
to make room in your life for some exercise.
It can be a walk or gym...whatever you prefer,but
I have learned an interesting thing that
if you are really stressed so then it's better to avoid a long lasting 
aerobic exercises because long-term, aerobic exercise increases cortisol secretion.
Weight training is good for everyone 2-3 times a week and then 
a perfect exercise for stressed people is interval training which
lasts about 20-30minutes.

And for a great interval training I really want to recommend you to
download on your ipod or iphone an interval training with some great Christian music!
I have tried this and I really like it!You can download the C25K Podcasts
from iTunes or for more information go to the website


Did you know that the easiest and most effective way to digest stress
is  through deep sleep.
The research suggests that even small amounts of sleep deprivation 
take a significant toll on our health, our mood, our cognitive capacity and our productivity.

Most of us need to sleep from 7 to 8 hours...
Go to bed early and talk to God before sleeping.
In Proverbs 3:24 it's written:
You will not be afraid when you lie down. 
When you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.

So remember that a good night's sleep is 
Sleep well!

When you are stressed you body produces stress hormones called cortisol and if your body has an excessive amount of cortisol it can prevent your body from processing fat.
And from my own experience I can say that's true...
I went to a nutritionist I guess a year and a half ago and he misured
my stress level and it was very high...and it continued to be high...and
he told me that if I continue to be stressed it's nearly impossible to loose 
When live a situation that causes you stress it causes a chemical reaction in your body
that is basically the same as the stress caused by famine.And when the reaction is the 
same as a famine your body wants to gain weight to protect you from the stress.
But anyways it doesn't help our stress if we keep on filling ourselves with wrong kind of foods.
I have been studying a lot about nutrition during the past year and I have to say that there isn't
such thing as a perfect diet.Actually I'm more and more convinced that dieting isn't any good.
Diet means that you will eat in a certain way for a certain period of time...
Instead we need to form healthy eating habits that will last forever.

Have you ever heard said YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT?
That's true...Maybe you have developed bad habits of eating junk foods or
eating too much food, or maybe you are  not drinking enough water.
All of these things can be harmful to us.
And if you are willing to change your eating habits you will be sure you will start to
feel better and for sure it will help also your stress.

Healthy eating is essential to our well-being! 

Choose carefully the foods you eat.
The simple rule is stay away from processed food
and eat living food as much as possible.
This means plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits,nuts and seeds...
Limit the caffeine. Drink more water. 
Eat more organic when you can.
Discipline yourself to make healthy choices-
ask God to help you!
And become healthier&less stressed!
God bless you!


One of the things of investing in yourself is absolutely to take care of your body;
If we worry and stress excessively, it can affect our health and
stress can be a real problem when it starts to break down in the body.
Stress affects people in different ways;someone can have problems with the stomach,
while another person may have more appetite and often wants to comfort herself with some
sweet foods. 
Unfortunately some of us don’t realize  the reason we don’t feel well and the reasonwe don’t have any energy... we haven't learned to love our bodies enough to properly care for them.
But do you know how valuable you are?
God wants us to take care of our bodies.

 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, 
who is in you, whom you have received from God? 
You are not your own; you were bought at a price. 
Therefore honor God with your bodies. 
1 Corinthians 6:19-20

So the great question that we should ask ourselves is:
will this matter a year from now?
Will the choices I make today matter also tomorrow?
Am I making the right decision? 
As God tells us to treat our bodies well, 
He will always help us do the things He tells us to do! 

So make a decision to rely on God's strength and live a healthier lifestyle!

The truth is that if we are empty how can we give?
We are God’s creation, and we have a responsibility to keep ourselves at our best...
So this means we have to invest in ourselves!
Many people burn out because they are too stressed
and they don't take any time for themselves.
But you are important 
so you have to take time for yourself! 

We should not ignore our own needs or feel guilty if we take time for ourselves.
We need to be rejuvenate spiritually,mentally,emotionally and psysically.
 Investing in yourself also means 
investing in your personal growth.
So the important thing is that you take time for yourself and you enjoy it!
You will be less stressed and you will have more to share with others as well. 

Make the most of every opportunity. Be gracious in your speech. 
The goal is to bring out the best in others.
 Colossians 4:5

Did you know that one of the greatest stress relievers 
God has given us is laughter?
Laughter is good medicine!
Actually laughing releases healing throughout your system...
Can you believe it?
God has provided us a great medicine against stress
and that is simply laughter!
When we laugh it restores and rejuvenates 
what the pressures of life have taken out. 
Taking time to laugh, it’s like taking a good medicine.
So the next time  you find yourself dwelling upon the stress,
refocus your attention to things positive and laugh 
every change you get.
Every time you laugh it boosts your immune system,
 reduces your blood pressure and tension and stress leave.
Laugh every day with a happy heart!
After all God created laughter for a reason...
and God knows best.


A smile is nourishment for the heart!
Everyone knows how to smile.
But did you know that it only takes 17 muscles to smile,but 43 to frown?
So it's easier to smile and look happy than looking sour.
Smile is one of the greatest gifts God has given us. 
It's actually amazing how a smile can change things...
The other day while taking my sons to school one other mother greeted me by name, but she didn't smiled at me even if I did...So I just thought that if she had smiled the greeting would have been
so much nicer and warmer...
But unfortunately many people  don't understand how expressing joy will change their circumstances and, perhaps, the lives of others. 
Sometimes we are so stressed and worried that we forget how good medicine smiling is.
But smiling really makes you feel good and less stressed!
Expressing joy through of smiling brings good things into your own life
 and shares the joy and light of the Lord with others.

So make it a point to smile more!
and see how it changes how you feel!

The world needs every smile it can get and you too!

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