For us it seems more natural to shout and be happy after the victory, right?

God wants us to learn to give Him praise all the time no matter what our
circumstances are!He wants us to praise Him even if we are in the valley and not
only on the mountain top!
We may not always feel like to do it,but remember:

praise precedes the victory
Dear heavenly Father, I thank you for Your promise of victory.
I choose to stand in faith, giving You the praise until I see my breakthrough. 
Thank you that you beside me and that you will guide me.
In Jesus name.Amen 

Hi...The first month of the year 2013 has nearly passed and I haven't yet posted any
gift counted... But here I am.
Today I found my gifts in Christ...

Glory to God!He is the author of life-also of my life!

And...He is my life!

And as I choose to have God as number one in my life and honor and praise Him...
things will work in a different way...and He even delights in my
well-being!Wow!Thank you God!


You gave me life and showed me your unfailing love.
    My life was preserved by your care.
Job 10:12 NLT

Be filled with God's love!

God's word is food for our souls! 
Memorize it.Confess it.
Let the words of the Bible enter into your mind and descend into your heart...
And let God's word transform your whole being!
Have a blessed day!

A few days ago I was reading Holley Gert's  blog post which was talking about
God-sized dream.
The first thought was that I didn't know exactly what she meant,but then I 
found a very clear explanation:
God-sized dream is a desire in your heart
for more of what God has for you.
Isn't that beautiful?

So as I have been thinking about changes these days I just thought that Holley's post really hit me!
And as I red on the post I found out that Holley just wrote a new book called:

The Do What You Can" Plan, : 21 Days to Making Any Area of Your Life Better.

And guess what...Holley starts the book by saying: 

"If you've ever made a goal or resolution and not kept it,this is for you."

So just for me...I red the book immediately and I can really recommend it to you as well! 

So I have been thinking about my God-sized dream and when I red that I could link-up my blog post sharing my God-sized dream in Holley's blog I thought about the question even more...First the answer was not easy to find,but... after thinking about it I knew there is a big dream in my heart which actually has many parts...Can a dream have many parts?Well anyways my prayer and dream has been already for a while that God would bless me so that I can be  a blessing to other people and that includes that I could be ALL that God created me to be. And last part of the dream is that I want to be an encourager!

And as Holley says we can’t help but dream God-sized dreams! 

 So how about you?What is your God-sized dream? 

Dream God-sized Dreams




The answer is simply this:
We always succeed when we surrender!
Instead if we are trying to change without God's power it is an easy way 
to burnout.
God wants to be the number one in our lives!
And when we do that,when we start our days with Him by honoring 
and praising Him He will bless us.

So...let's remember in this new year to surrender all and everything to our great God.
He is willing to help you!

If you have some time listen also these 2 beautiful songs talking about surrendering...

"All to Jesus
I surrender
All to Him
I freely give
I will ever love and trust Him
In His presence daily live

I surrender all
I surrender all
All to Thee, my blessed Savior
I surrender all..."

"All for love and all for me You gave it all for me to be Alive in You and You in me Lord I surrender To Your eyes and to Your touch And to the way You give too much I'm too in love to not be all for You..."
Hi!How has the year 2013 been so far?
Did you make any new year's resolution?
For many of us January is the time of changes and new habits...
Ann Voskamp wrote in her blog:

" If it matters, you make the time.
If it doesn't---
you make excuses.

I didn't really make any new year's resolution,
but I have many expectations for this year.
I do want to see some changes in my life;
I want to live and experience God's dreams for my life.
And the best thing is that change is a gift from God and
we really can take the next steps toward what God has for us this year. 

 Allow your dreams a place in your prayers and plans...
And remember:

  It’s time for a new beginning!

Wishing you all a blessed new year!
I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, 
even as your soul is getting along well.
3 John 1:2