No matter what your problem is- small or big- God's help is always available!
All we have to do is go before God and ask:
Dear Father, help me! 
He is our source; 
He is where all the comfort comes from!


God's word is food for our souls! 
Memorize it.Confess it.
Let the words of the Bible enter into your mind and descend into your heart...
And let God's word transform your whole being!
Have a blessed day! 

No one completes a plan without messing up.
But interesting thing is that we can learn from 
our mistakes.Our struggles are an opportunity 
to learn.
So relax and learn;
life is a beautiful gift from God!


Today I am happy!
And thankful!
It's not always easy to be content in every situations- I guess it happens to all of us.
But it's wonderful to learn to lean more on God because He cares about us.
So the reason why I am so happy today is that for at least for 3 years I have been diagnosed to have  high level of cortisol (stress hormons)
...and you may know that prolonged high levels of cortisol can cause other
health problems.
Last summer God spoke to me and told me to study more about the stress so I did that 
and I shared my study also here in my blog :31 days without stress.
Well all that study was surely good but I didn't feel some quick change in my life...
But a month ago I met with my dear friend and we had a nice chat and walk together.
And while she was sharing her life with me she simply prayed for me asking Father
that I would  be able to live my life stress free!
So...last Friday I took a blood test to see how my stress level was going and today I 
picked up the results.And I was so amazed... so happy!

It was written that my cortisol level was ok, not anymore too high!
First I thought oh what did I do...was it the gym or healthy food...
Yes well I'm sure that also these things helped too but then I remembered
my friend's prayer and I knew immediately that God's
hand had been on me! 
Glory to God;He is my healer!
Father cares and loves us so much!
He knows everything about you...Surrender your life to Him!
...So today I'm thankful and happy.

"You can live a lifetime without religion.
 You can survive your whole existence without doctrine. 
But you can't live a moment without grace."
-Mario Marchiò

...and we could not live without HIS LOVE...
His loving-kindness lasts forever!
And He loves you always!

You know the moment...Maybe you are just too tired or in hurry or someone says something wrong...
you know, just simple things that happen in life...Things that suddenly take away your
happiness...Well,that happened to me the other day.Only few words and all of sudden 
my happiness was gone.Totally.And my reaction was so wrong and  I made wrong choices...
And it felt incredible because just in the morning I had wonderful quite time with my 
heavenly Father and I felt just strongly that I just have to keep my eyes on Him.
But then here comes the struggle and immediately I forgot what I heard earlier in the morning...
But even if I made a wrong choice I love how God speaks through the other people...
So yes I can't change my wrong choice but I can learn not to let them ruin me by taking them
to God! How wonderful is that?
And really how I couldn't remember in that very moment that I'm not alone?That God is always with me?And that He is in control so I don't have to worry?
Well Satan loves to steal our happiness and I don't want that happen again.
I want to remember always that:
God is in control and that
God is with me!

"Life need not be easy to be joyful.
Joy is not the absence of trouble,
but the presence of Christ."
-William Vanderhoven

Let them be happy before God. Yes, let them be full of joy. 
-Psalm 68:3 NLV 

This week I attended the Hillsong Conference in Sydney, Australia...well I wasn't there
(It would have been lovely though!) but they were live streaming so it was
wonderful to follow some great teachings from this amazing conference.

I want to share with you some beautiful quotes from some of the pastors who
spoke in the Hillsong conference.
(These words are not necessarily from the conference but all the photos are and are taken during the conference and are from the 


Don't criticize yourself...because if you do so you criticize God's creature.
You are God's masterpiece!And you are unique!
Sometimes it's easy to believe that there’s something wrong with you...But 
when you hear these negative voices
and it seems that you can't see anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror, look a little closer, stare a little longer and tell yourself: 

I am fearfully and wonderfully made!

 You are beautiful!

God's word is food for our souls! 
Memorize it.Confess it.
Let the words of the Bible enter into your mind and descend into your heart...
And let God's word transform your whole being!
Have a blessed day!