This morning I listened in the car Ayiesha Woods singing a song Take me there
and I liked the words;they talked to me...

Lord You told me about a place / That I can go to lay all of my burdens down / And You showed me there is a way / That I can be free and the lost can be found, won't You / Take me there / Where I can see You and living is worship / Take me there / There's no place like Your presence and I want to be there with You / It's in this place / To my knees I fall / I seek Your face / And nothing else matters at all / I lose myself in finding You / Where there's no me and only You can… / Is it real what I feel? / Or am I just dreaming? / Can I stay in this place with You?
  Take me there by Ayiesha Woods

Every time we feel life has become burdensome and heavy,
we should take those weights to Jesus.
Jesus tells us in Matthew 11:28 to leave all the burdens to Him!
Life was not meant to live dragged down with heavy if you feel so 
go to God right now and ask Him to take you there...a place where you can feel His presence and 
where He can refresh your soul.

I love reading and I love when I find great or beautiful words that 
touch me in someway...I have made a little booklet where I write down
beautiful words...And I'm thankful for God because He talks to me
thorough so many persons,through so many beautiful words...
And today I want to sharer with you 3 gifts read during the past 
few days.

I've been thinking these days, a few discussions that I had with a few other moms.
One mom said that she hopes that her daughters would rather not marry than to marry a "mad" man...In her opinion, all the boys today are scary...misbehaving...and as grown ups will just treat women in a bad way. ( I guess she forgot that I have 2 sons! :) ) So...she is filled with hopeless. And the other mom said why to have babies nowadays, there are only bad things happening in the world today.Hopelesss...
And it's true we live in a world that is actually hopeless in many many ways. And if we get our eyes of Jesus
it's easy to get hopeless.
We can not always change our circumstances but we can change our attitude.
We can keep our eyes on Jesus and be filled with hope...
Hope believes everything is going to turn out all right
—hope is positive!  

I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Romans 15:13

Watch also this beautiful testimony:
"If you're feeling hopeless, Christine Caine encourages you to stir up that gift of faith on the inside of you by focusing on Jesus."

"Everyone has a unique role to fill in the world and is 
important in some respect.Everyone, including and
perhaps especially you, 
is indispensable." 
Nathaniel Hawthorne 

You are wonderful!

Today is  International World Water Day.I guess we all know that water is important for our health...but have you thought about that there are over 700 million people in the world that don’t have access to the simple, basic necessity of clean water?Many people drink and cook with water that is contaminated with human and animal feces and industrial chemicals.The lack of water can be a major cause of famine and undernourishment.And so many people die every day because they don't have clean water...Actually the statistics say that every day 4,000 children will die because they have had to drink unclean water.

In Matthew 25:40 we can read the words of Jesus:

Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.
And really we can do something!There is one simple little thing you can do today:
Phatfish is an English Cristian rock and Worship Band and they have created a song called Thirsty and we can help them stand with those millions without clean water by buying the single.So it's that simple.The song will be released today on iTunes so stay tuned and download the song Thirsty by Phatfish. Help them who do not have clean drinking water...

(You can also donate on Turn on the Tap website and and you will get a copy of the single.) 

There are also other ways to donate and help,for example:
Hand of Hope

"Every spring is the only spring, a perpetual astonishment."
Ellis Peters

Have a blessed spring time!

"Joy cannot be pursued.It comes from within.
It is a state of being.It does not depend on circumstances,
but triumphs over circumstances.
It produces a gentleness of spirit and a magnetic personality."
Billy Graham

   Lord, cleanse my mind of all wrong thinking and renew
a joyful spirit within me.Help me to be joyful today.
My heart is glad because I know you are with me.

I am thankful for God that He has guided me to eat in a  healthy way!
 I love to eat a lot of greens!Today my sprouted lentils were ready to eat!

This is my afternoon tea moment...something sweet but still healthy.
I made a raw nutella (hazelnut spread) to eat with my raw buck wheat crackers.
And of course I'm having a nice cup of green tea!
Thank you God for this moment!

And a cup of berries...


 I'm sure we all have days when we are feeling tired,sad,worried,stressed,weary,lonely...
We feel maybe restless...there is just that unpleasant feeling,emptiness or a hole 
and we want to fill it...someway...somehow...
But you know God created us that way and He's the only one who can satisfy us!

 God wants us to turn to Him.He wants us to sense His presence.
Jesus tells us:

Whatever your emotional needs are today, know that only God can meet them!
Go to Him!He is waiting for you!He is there. 

My presence will go with you,and I will give you rest.
Exodus 33:14
Listen the words of this beautiful song and go to God!

..."I am the Lord your peace
No evil will conquer you
Steady now your heart and mind
Come into my rest
And oh, let your faith arise
And lift up your weary head
I am with you
Wherever you go

Come to me, I’m all you need
Come to me, I’m everything
Come to me, I’m all you need
Come to me, I’m your everything"
Jenn Johnson

“I have found it very important in my own life to try to let go of my wishes and instead to live in hope. I am finding that when I choose to let go of my sometimes petty and superficial wishes and trust that my life is precious and meaningful in the eyes of God something really new, something beyond my own expectations begins to happen for me."
-Henri J.M.Nouwen

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. 
Romans 15:13

My hope is in you Lord!

Stillness...I need to be still in the presence of my Heavenly Father-
because in stillness there are special gifts-moments when I can
better sense God's love and will for my life...
Often I find my silent moments in the morning...

* Beautiful morning light,peace and quietness are gifts found early in the morning,
-in silence
when everybody else was still sleeping...

*during a early morning walk one,beautiful flower found in silence...
If I wasn't concentrate I couldn't have seen it...But in the silence it's easier to see,
easier to hear what my Heavenly Father wants to tell me...
Be still...

 *silent beach...I found peace and I thank God for this beutiful,
quiet moment...the colors are amazing and peaceful...
I am thankful for God what I can see,what I can feel...

Today is International Women's Day so Happy Women's day!
Originally the Woman's day was a celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women as well a celebration for women's economic, political and social achievements but today it's simply an occasion for men to express their love for women.
But I think we can celebrate today because we are beautiful women of God!
God cares about you and knows all the desires of your heart!

     He will take delight in you with gladness.
      With his love, he will calm all your fears.
      He will rejoice over you with joyful songs.
Zephaniah 3:17
 Many hugs to you,beautiful woman.
Have a blessed day!


My heart is glad and I rejoice! 
Did you know that there are an estimated 27 Million slaves on the earth today?
Slaves...meaning people who are victims of human trafficking...
27's a lot...too much...
And fighting human trafficking is an overwhelming and seemingly impossible challenge
but the good news is that we-you and me can do something very simple today to
help these victims:
The A21 Campaign (The A21 Campaign stands for abolishing Injustice in the 21st century)with its founder Christine Caine is doing a wonderful thing to fight against the human trafficking and we can be part of this project which is called Twenty Seven Million...
Last week christian bands Matt Redman & LZ7 released a song called 27 Million, and all of its sales will go towards stopping Human Trafficking all over the world.The success of this song has been already great:rank #1 in the gospel music charts, rank in the top 40 songs on iTunes in the USA, and extend across Europe reaching as high as #3 in the UK and #1 in Bulgaria (a major hub or human trafficking) and you can also participate simply downloading the song from iTunes.It'll cost you only $/Euro1.29.
You can listen and watch the video of the song here and then PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE SONG HERE!
Be the voice for the ones who are voiceless!  

I love to sing this song while I worship God.I'm so thankful that God is with me!I will exalt YOU...

I'm thankful for these words written by Bob Kilpatrick...
We are God's masterpieces! 

 This is my son's painting about the Carnival in Venice...He
had a school project together with an Italian newspaper and 
 his painting was chosen and published in the newspaper.
So I'm thankful for my son's painting skills and for this 
beautiful painting!

God is good-always!
It's already March!Today is a beautiful and sunny day- 
a great gift from God!
Be blessed!