1.A morning walking in Cannes,France.   2. A nice sign of the famous film festival.
3.You can't really stay in France without eating pain français;baguette! 
4.Delicious French marmalade.
5.Kids playing with the sand on the beach.   6. The famous blue chairs of Cannes.
7. Nice&colorful ballerinas.


life rearranged
We all experience times in life when we feel down for various reasons and the enemy loves to harass God's people with discouragement.The enemy is a discourager, and he pulls us down  in every way he can.
So let's fight!
Let's choose to be led by the Holy Spirit so we can have victory over discouragement!

Listen and watch these videos above and be encouraged! 

Don't Be Discouraged from Messenger International on Vimeo.

Be blessed!


These days I have been busy with a project that took a lot of my time and effort and 
it would have been easy to be stressed about it...but then I red this:

And I really have to say that I could notice the difference when I started to 
do my project in the name of Lord Jesus...and giving thanks!

Just remember these strong words!
Have courage, and be strong!

 And yes it's wonderful that God fills us with joy!

God's word is food for our souls! 
Memorize it.Confess it.
Let the words of the Bible enter into your mind and descend into your heart...
And let God's word transform your whole being!
Have a blessed day!


1. Last week I was on vacation with my family and one morning I woke up
early and I saw this beautiful sunrise in a beautiful summer morning.
I just felt so blessed...it was just beautiful!

 2. The blue sea...  
I am grateful that I can swim and enjoy the wonderful sea with my family
in summer times.

3. I'm thankful for the refreshing summer fruits!

Lately I have been thinking about a family,about my family...
And I can say that I'm just so thankful for my husband...for having him in my life and
building a family together with him...  

And...last week was such a special time for me and my husband:
we were on vacation for a week just the 2 of us!And why it's so special?Because the last time
we were on vacation just the 2 of us was 10 years ago before having our first son!
At first it felt so strange to be without kids but we had great time with my husband...

We cycled a lot of, visited new places,enjoyed the beach and the sea and just relaxed...
And we had so many wonderful lunches and dinners in great restaurants-
just the 2 of us! 

Someone said:

 So true, but I definitely add to this list God! :)

Anyways... I thank God for this wonderful vacation and time spent together with my husband!

While we were on vacation our  children attended a Christian summer camp for the
first time in their life...So it was a special time for them as well.And also for me...this was the 
second time in 10 years I stayed without them!So it was good and relaxing to stay without them
but I have to say that I'm so thankful to have 2 wonderful boys!

Familys give us many things-love and meaning, purpose and
an opportunity to give...

So thank you God for my family;continue to bless us!

It is God’s will for us! 
Being thankful benefits our body and mind!