Last week I finished reading the biography of Steve Jobs. I liked the book.
I was somehow very touched by the creativity of Steve Jobs.
Just to think about that I'm writing this post by using a MacBook and the 
photo above was taken by an iPhone...
He was a creative genius;he had great gifts.He knew what he wanted;
he knew what to with his talents...
He used to ask himself:"..if today were the last day of my life,
do I enjoy what I am about to do today? And whenever the answer 
is "no" for too many days in a row, I understand that 
something must be changed".

You can expect a satisfying life when you follow God's plan for your life!

  Your talents are gifts from God;the Giver of all things good.
And He has a great plan for your life.He does not do things by accident,
but you are wonderfully made and filled with special gifts.His plan for your life is to
share your use your gifts to help others and to bring glory to His name.

Maybe you are not sure about your gifts or you don't value them.
Or maybe you had a dream to do something great,but you had 
disappointments.Maybe nobody encouraged you and you thought
you are not gifted...But God says to you:Start again! God does not
give up on our dreams.Use your talents!Share them!

When you share the gifts God has given you- 
and when you share them freely 
you invite God to bless you more and more!

I pray that God's love will guide YOU
through the special
plans He has for your life!

Yesterday I found a comment in my blog saying:

"Your blog is uplifting to read, with many lovely photographs. I have given you a blog award."
Wow what a nice surprise!Thank you so much lady Judy from the blog Among the Pots and Pans.
I am so thankful for these encouraging words and for this award.Thank you all of you who are visiting my blog! a part of receiving the award I have to tell seven things about myself...

1.I love colors!All of them!I think God was truly so creative when He created them!

2. I love reading...I just finished the Steve Jobs's biography and now I have many new books waiting for me...I think I'll read next Joyce Meyer's book Power Thoughts.

3. I don't watch TV at all...but I love to watch good movies... Recommend me a good movie that I should watch! :)

4. I love drinking tea...but only flavored green,white or red tea.It's all about colors,right?! :)

5. I'm Finnish,but I have been living in Italy since the 1994...Time flies!

6. I eat mostly raw food and I love raw chocolate!
7.  I love encouraging words...and I hope you can find some in my blog!

So now it's my turn to share the award with other bloggers.First I would like to give it to:

*Take heart <please visit her beautiful blog!
(Please tell in your blog about the award (copy the award image into a blog post), tell your readers 7 things about yourself and then share the award with other blogger/s.)