One thousand gifts:3 things for which I am thankful this week

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Ciao!How are you?Hope everything is ok with you!
Today when I was reading Ann's gift list for July I immediately noticed 
the word TOGETHER...I just came home from Finland and during my time there 
I was truly thankful for being able to be together with my parents,sisters and their 
families and all the other relatives and friends. I don't see these people too often (maybe once a year...) so when I do I enjoy so much just to be together  with them as well as do things together.
So I'm just so thankful for these days spent together...and it's also a good reminder that
also God enjoys when I decide to take time and be together with HIM!
...and He is always with us!

*Special meeting:all the cousins sitting on the same bench! :)

*So much fun to enjoy the day together on the lake...

*A lovely evening walk together in a beautiful summer night...


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