Life is a splendid gift (R.I.P my dear cousin Hanna).

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Today I've been thinking about life...
How it's short...And do I really remember that
everything in life is most fundamentally a gift?  
 Every day is a splendid gift from God...

My dear cousin Hanna died today.We weren't very close;
I haven't been much in touch with her during the last years while living abord,
but still she was my dear cousin.And the past days I have been thinking about her so much,
and I prayed for her...
But her time here on the earth came to an end... I'm so happy she had Jesus
in her heart and she is now in an amazing place...
But still.I'm thinking...Life is a splendid gift!

...and I want to remember it better!That this day, every day is
a very precious gift of God.Like when I receive a gift from a person I'm thankful
so why not be thankful for every day, for every moment...Life is short and we don't know what tomorrow holds...
But we have today...
Today is a splendid gift from God.

Today is unique!Thank you Heavenly Father for the beautiful gift of today!
I want to live fully each moment today and thank you that you will
give me all I need!I praise you and I thank you...

My dear reader if you don't have yet a personal relationship with God I encourage you
to make your best decision ever and pray this simple prayer:

SO I NOW WANT TO LIVE FOR YOU.Forgive all my sins and come to live in my heart.
I acknowledge YOU as MY SAVIOR AND LORD.Guide my life.
In Jesus name.Amen.

Be blessed!And live your life fully! 

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