God-sized Dream...

A few days ago I was reading Holley Gert's  blog post which was talking about
God-sized dream.
The first thought was that I didn't know exactly what she meant,but then I 
found a very clear explanation:
God-sized dream is a desire in your heart
for more of what God has for you.
Isn't that beautiful?

So as I have been thinking about changes these days I just thought that Holley's post really hit me!
And as I red on the post I found out that Holley just wrote a new book called:

The Do What You Can" Plan, : 21 Days to Making Any Area of Your Life Better.

And guess what...Holley starts the book by saying: 

"If you've ever made a goal or resolution and not kept it,this is for you."

So just for me...I red the book immediately and I can really recommend it to you as well! 

So I have been thinking about my God-sized dream and when I red that I could link-up my blog post sharing my God-sized dream in Holley's blog I thought about the question even more...First the answer was not easy to find,but... after thinking about it I knew there is a big dream in my heart which actually has many parts...Can a dream have many parts?Well anyways my prayer and dream has been already for a while that God would bless me so that I can be  a blessing to other people and that includes that I could be ALL that God created me to be. And last part of the dream is that I want to be an encourager!

And as Holley says we can’t help but dream God-sized dreams! 

 So how about you?What is your God-sized dream? 

Dream God-sized Dreams




4 commenti:

  1. My dreams have many parts too. May God bless you as you pursue them. Happy dreaming!

    1. Thank you Kristin!Blessings and happy dreaming for you too! :)

  2. I love this post of yours and the way you combine the words and the images!

  3. Thank you Sonya!May bless you!