I am happy!

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Today I am happy!
And thankful!
It's not always easy to be content in every situations- I guess it happens to all of us.
But it's wonderful to learn to lean more on God because He cares about us.
So the reason why I am so happy today is that for at least for 3 years I have been diagnosed to have  high level of cortisol (stress hormons)
...and you may know that prolonged high levels of cortisol can cause other
health problems.
Last summer God spoke to me and told me to study more about the stress so I did that 
and I shared my study also here in my blog :31 days without stress.
Well all that study was surely good but I didn't feel some quick change in my life...
But a month ago I met with my dear friend and we had a nice chat and walk together.
And while she was sharing her life with me she simply prayed for me asking Father
that I would  be able to live my life stress free!
So...last Friday I took a blood test to see how my stress level was going and today I 
picked up the results.And I was so amazed... so happy!

It was written that my cortisol level was ok, not anymore too high!
First I thought oh what did I do...was it the gym or healthy food...
Yes well I'm sure that also these things helped too but then I remembered
my friend's prayer and I knew immediately that God's
hand had been on me! 
Glory to God;He is my healer!
Father cares and loves us so much!
He knows everything about you...Surrender your life to Him!
...So today I'm thankful and happy.

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