How can I ever change?

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As I wrote in my earlier post 
in January most of us are interested in change.
Change is good and God wants to change us, because
change is a necessary part of a growing life.
But change is not easy...and often we think:
"How can I ever change?"
Well...true life change comes only though partnership with God.

"We never change until we get fed up with our current situation, until we get uncomfortable and discontented and start feeling miserable. When we become uncomfortable and miserable enough, we finally are motivated to let God do something in our lives."
-Rick Warren

Do you want God to change your life? He will!
But first you have to admit to Him your problem and then He will work in you.
Come face to face with God,  and offer yourself to Him moment by moment.
And when you do that, God can change you.

Father I come to you.
No matter what I try, I can't change unless
you are at the center.
I know you want to change me,
so please help me!
In Jesus' name.

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