Keep your love on and love the one you married!

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Keep your love on and love the one you married!

Sometimes it's very hard to keep your love on, but it's possible to have a healthy relationship both with God and with other people.
Pray and ask God to help you to keep your love on!

You can also make a quiz to figure out how do you keep your love on.

"Remember your wedding vows were "I will" not "you will".
This is a powerful mindset that both husband and wife must choose to take."
-Danny Lee Silk 

"Quality love relationships do not happen by accident.
Real love is hard work."
-Danny Lee Silk

And always remember to pray for your marriage!

 Dear Lord,
I thank you for my marriage. Help me to not take my marriage for granted.I am so blessed to have my husband. Regardless of the conflict we face, the trials and challenges…marriage is a blessing. I pray protection over my marriage. I ask that you would protect us from our flesh and selfish ways. Mature us and refine us so that we seek the good of each other. I also pray protection against the schemes of the enemy. May you bind him in Jesus name! Holy Spirit cover us and anoint our marriage. Break any strongholds in our life and break our heart for what breaks yours. May compassion, love, and grace motivate our every actions in Jesus name AMEN! 


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