Receive the gift of hope! Watch live now Awaking Europe from Stockholm!

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Right now there is a great conference in Stockholm, Sweden called Awakening Europe. 

"Following last year’s mass gathering in Nuremberg, Germany, Awakening Europe now comes to Sweden. Once again the aim is to take back history and the theme is ‘Disturb the normal.’
Broadcast LIVE on GOD TV this groundbreaking event at the Friends Arena in Stockholm will feature inspirational speakers such as Todd White, Heidi Baker, Joakim Lundqvist, Paul Manwaring and others. It is being hosted by Awakening Europe founder Ben Fitzgerald of GODfest Ministries.
Tune in and be part of a new ‘Jesus People’ Movement that will impact the nations for the Kingdom of God."
 Click here to watch live. 
"He is calling us to not let our Hope fall asleep, Prayer fall to the wayside or the Passion in our hearts grow cold. He wants us to be fully Awake to Him and His purposes for our generation!
We want to see Jesus commission you to take the gospel without fear into your daily life and for you to know your true destiny in God.
Come and take your place as God raises up the name of Jesus high in the north.
It's time to Disturb the Normal!"

For more information and schedule click here.

Let's pray for the northern Europe (I'm from Finland! :) )  (and for the whole Europe!)!
God has a great plan for Europe!
SO tune in and be blessed!

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