Be grateful...

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I red Christine Caine's status on Facebook a few days ago and it made me think...
"Take some time to thank God for all the shut doors in 2012... new doors are about to open in 2013 #youwillbegrateful."

Yes.So true!Gratitude means that I'm thankful for all
the things I have and that I'm more concentrate on the things I have
 than on the things I don't have.
So as the year 2012 is near to end I want to pray and thank God:

Dear Heavenly Father,
I want to thank you with my whole heart for all the things you have been given
and doing in my life in this year 2012.And I want to thank you even for the 
closed doors as I know you have a great plan for my life and I know that you will
guide me and you are willing to bless me even more that I can ever ask.
Thank you for your love and thank you for who YOU ARE.
In Jesus name.Amen.

 God bless you!

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