Twenty Seven Million

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Did you know that there are an estimated 27 Million slaves on the earth today?
Slaves...meaning people who are victims of human trafficking...
27's a lot...too much...
And fighting human trafficking is an overwhelming and seemingly impossible challenge
but the good news is that we-you and me can do something very simple today to
help these victims:
The A21 Campaign (The A21 Campaign stands for abolishing Injustice in the 21st century)with its founder Christine Caine is doing a wonderful thing to fight against the human trafficking and we can be part of this project which is called Twenty Seven Million...
Last week christian bands Matt Redman & LZ7 released a song called 27 Million, and all of its sales will go towards stopping Human Trafficking all over the world.The success of this song has been already great:rank #1 in the gospel music charts, rank in the top 40 songs on iTunes in the USA, and extend across Europe reaching as high as #3 in the UK and #1 in Bulgaria (a major hub or human trafficking) and you can also participate simply downloading the song from iTunes.It'll cost you only $/Euro1.29.
You can listen and watch the video of the song here and then PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE SONG HERE!
Be the voice for the ones who are voiceless!  

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