Take me there!

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This morning I listened in the car Ayiesha Woods singing a song Take me there
and I liked the words;they talked to me...

Lord You told me about a place / That I can go to lay all of my burdens down / And You showed me there is a way / That I can be free and the lost can be found, won't You / Take me there / Where I can see You and living is worship / Take me there / There's no place like Your presence and I want to be there with You / It's in this place / To my knees I fall / I seek Your face / And nothing else matters at all / I lose myself in finding You / Where there's no me and only You can… / Is it real what I feel? / Or am I just dreaming? / Can I stay in this place with You?
  Take me there by Ayiesha Woods

Every time we feel life has become burdensome and heavy,
we should take those weights to Jesus.
Jesus tells us in Matthew 11:28 to leave all the burdens to Him!
Life was not meant to live dragged down with heavy burdens...so if you feel so 
go to God right now and ask Him to take you there...a place where you can feel His presence and 
where He can refresh your soul.

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