What love can do

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KariJobeNT from Not Today the Movie on Vimeo.

Kari Jobe has supported the fight against human trafficking with her music, her heart, and partnership with various anti-human trafficking organizations including Christine Caine’s A21 Campaign.
Most recently she recorded a song called "What love can do" which is part of  a full-length feature film Not Today. The film has its premiering in the USA today. It gives viewers a glimpse into the dark world of human trafficking through the eyes of an American traveler in India.
Kari Jobe says in an interview on Today's Christian Woman:"“I believe in this so much,” Jobe says. “People aren’t just being sold into slavery in other countries. There’s actually predators who want to find these girls and take them here in the States. I love supporting ministries that are chipping away at this one day at a time.”

*By the way you can download the Kari Jobe's sond What love can do for free only today from:
Today's Christian Women.

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