One thousand gifts.Today's joy dare:3 gifts summer

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Here in Italy the school started last week and the weather has been getting 
a little bit colder...But as  the autumn begins here officially on the 21st of 
September I can still share some summer gift with you!

My husband's client invited us to pick up some figs from his garden.
What a beautiful gift to be thankful for!

In our own small garden the last tomato from this summer is maturing.
Thankful that I can still have one delicious tomato! :)

I am thankful for to still see some colorful summer flowers.

But the most amazing gift from this summer is a miracle God did for my 
father. He was diagnosed with cancer on May but he had to
wait until September to make some new tests to see what kind of treatments
he would need. So the whole summer we prayed a lot for him and we wanted to trust God 
to take care of him but sometimes I got so worried...Few days ago my father took
the tests and guess what?He is cancer free!God healed him!
What a wonderful gift for all the family to be thankful for,don't you think? :)
Our Father is amazing!He is our healer!

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