31 days to encourage yourself - Day 10

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How do we stop when there are so many things to worry about? Terror and instability in
the world. Financial uncertainties. A health concern. Aging parents. Our kid's well-being...
When we worry,we rotate our minds around and around a problem and without finding answers.And the more we do it,the more anxious we feel.
Worry starts with our thoughts,but it actually affects our moods and even our physical body.
But why should we worry if we can cast all our problems to God?

 God promises to take care of you-everything is under His control!
So knowing who God is will help you deal with a fear and worry.
The other thing that can help you if you are worrying is to remember
what God did in past.And I'm quite sure that
you can notice that He has always taken care of you.
We just have to remember what God has done!
Today I encourage you to get some time with God and tell Him 
about your worries!
And tell yourself:
Today I will not worry;God takes care of me!

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