A birthday prayer for my Daddy

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Today is my dear Daddy's birthday and it's a special day as he is now 70 years old.
Unfortunately he is in Finland and I am in Italy so as I can't celebrate with him today
I want to dedicate my today's post for him...

A Birthday prayer for my Daddy

Lord I thank you for my Daddy.I thank you for his love and care for me,and 
 that he is always ready to pray for me. He is Your instrument
to make a positive difference in the lives of many people.
Bless his work in Your kingdom;lead him and show him the right path to take.
Help him to speak always life and hope into the situations and people around him.
Thank you that he is always filled with You so he can share your love with other people.
Give Daddy wisdom and understanding in all things.
Thank you that he has the mind of Christ and that he is filled with 
Your love,peace,joy and strength every day.

I pray that the God of every good gift bless you Daddy today;that it will be
overflowed with joy.
May He bless you with everything that is good and wonderful, 
with daily strength, and everlasting joys...
May He keep you safe and protect you in your goings and comings, and may you be kept for every special thing He desires to bring into your life...
May He always smile upon you, and may His presence be your daily reward.
In Jesus name I pray.
Happy Birthday! I love you Daddy!

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