To all the beautiful Mothers...

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If you are a mother you surely know that you have a very precious gift 
from your heavenly Father:your children are a perfect gift from above!

Today it's a Mother's day in many countries and even if today it's not a
 mother's day in the country where you live I just want to remind you
that you are a very special to your children and precious to God!
You are such a blessing!
He is with you to help you and enjoy the joys of motherhood!

So today may you have you have all the joy
your heart can hold…
and may you have God’s best and blessings
in everything!

"Woman can do no greater thing than to create the climate of love
in their homes.Love which spoils and pampers,
weakens and hampers.Real love strengthens and matures
and leaves the loved one free to grow."
Eugenia Price



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