One thousand gifts:3 things for which I am thankful this week


-creativity&and the love to make things by her hands...
My Mum has always been active and creative with her hands.She is good
in crochet, knitting, sewing...She has always a lot of different kind of yarns around her...
I have learned and inherited the gift of creativity from her!
In the picture is our project we made together:
She crocheted the patterns and I dyed the fabric and  sewed pillow cases.

 -interest in healthy food
 As long as I can remember my mum has been interested in all the vitamins and healthy stuff.
As a child, when she offered me a carrot juice maybe I was not very enthusiastic but later I have learned to appreciate this gift and nowadays I love to start my day with a green lemonade.
In the picture you can see our morning drinks we made together last autumn while my mum visited me.

-the love for flowers and most of all the way she trusts in God

My mom loves flowers and her garden is always full of beautiful flowers and
I'm trying to follow her in this...In the picture there is a rose from her garden...
And the best gift: I love the way she trusts in God in everything!

4 commenti:

  1. lovely photos! I like to start my day with a version of a green lemonade as well. ;)

    1. Dear Stacie,thank you!I'm happy to hear that also you love green lemonade! :) God bless you!

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your mom; you are truly blessed to have such a loving and creative mom! Linked up behind you at Ann's blog...Nice to meet you, Harriet.

    1. Yes you are right,I'm blessed! :)
      God bless you!