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Yesterday I found a comment in my blog saying:

"Your blog is uplifting to read, with many lovely photographs. I have given you a blog award."
Wow what a nice surprise!Thank you so much lady Judy from the blog Among the Pots and Pans.
I am so thankful for these encouraging words and for this award.Thank you all of you who are visiting my blog! a part of receiving the award I have to tell seven things about myself...

1.I love colors!All of them!I think God was truly so creative when He created them!

2. I love reading...I just finished the Steve Jobs's biography and now I have many new books waiting for me...I think I'll read next Joyce Meyer's book Power Thoughts.

3. I don't watch TV at all...but I love to watch good movies... Recommend me a good movie that I should watch! :)

4. I love drinking tea...but only flavored green,white or red tea.It's all about colors,right?! :)

5. I'm Finnish,but I have been living in Italy since the 1994...Time flies!

6. I eat mostly raw food and I love raw chocolate!
7.  I love encouraging words...and I hope you can find some in my blog!

So now it's my turn to share the award with other bloggers.First I would like to give it to:

*Take heart <please visit her beautiful blog!
(Please tell in your blog about the award (copy the award image into a blog post), tell your readers 7 things about yourself and then share the award with other blogger/s.)


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