"Abba" by Northwind Collective #christianmusic from Finland

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Today I want to share with you something different: a song in Finnish- my native language! :) 
The song is called "ABBA" and it is from the Finnish group called Northwind Collective.
Northwind Collective was born in the year 2015 in Finland's capital city, Helsinki by
the worship pastors Rodrigo and Saara Campos (Rodrigo is from Brazil), but the group has 30 Jesus lovers consisting not only singers and musicians but also artists, dancers, fashion designers and media people. Northwind Collective just released a new album called "Isä" (Father) and the song Abba is from this new album.

So... the song is of course in Finnish 👍☺but there is subtitles on the video so you 
see the translation of the beautiful lyrics. Enjoy! 😌

...I throw myself into your arms
when you touch you heal
...Daddy I love you
You carry me when I'm tired
Daddy you love me...

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