"Live in the Wonderful" by Lakewood Music

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These days I have been humming this song "Live in the Wonderful" by Lakewood Music.
This song truly is uplifting!What a wonderful statement: "GIVE ME FAITH TO SEE THE INCREDIBLE- to live in the wonderful..."

"Live in the Wonderful"
Through the fire
Through the rain
Through every trial
Your love will never fade

Lord, You are true
Faithful still
Oh even when
I'm feeling overwhelmed

Cause there is hope
Beyond the things I see
Even in the dirt
I know I must believe

Give me faith to see the incredible
To live in the wonderful
To wait on the miracle
Give me strength
To reach for the furthest star
To lift every broken heart
To love from these mended scars

Through the flames
Through the flood
Through everything
I'm covered by Your love

Lord, You are here
And I'm amazed
My hopes and fears
Are met by endless grace

Cause there is peace
That only you can bring
Even in my mess
You hold the victory

We're gonna see all the walls come down
We're gonna see the lost in us be found
And believe for every prayer's answer
We're gonna see heaven here on earth
We're gonna see life rising from the dirt
And believe there's power in Your name 
-Lakewood Music

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