31 days of change: Day 21:When you change your thinking, you change your beliefs

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When our thoughts will begin to line up with His thoughts and our mind becomes renew  
also our beliefs will change.
Belief is the knowledge that we can do something.

If we believe we can or we believe we cannot, we are correct. 
If we listen to Satan's lies we can become greatly discouraged and it will be difficult to change. Remember, that you don't need to trust your feelings. Maybe you don't feel it...It doesn't matter, but we have to remember and believe that God wants to change you. 
In Christ the power of sin is broken and we can choose to change. We can choose to think right thoughts and we can choose to believe that we can change.
It doesn't matter what people say about you and maybe your past attempts to try to change.You just have to believe what your heavenly Father says about you and believe that 
with your commitment and God's help you can change!

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