31 days of change: Day 24: Start your change today; not tomorrow!

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Have you ever had similar thoughts like these:
"I will do something about it, but I will do it tomorrow!"
"I want to get in fit, but I'll start to go to the gym tomorrow."
"I will start to eat healthy, but I will start a healthy eating plan tomorrow."
"I will deal with my addiction, but I will start tomorrow."
"I will deal this issues in my marriage, but I'll do it tomorrow."

We say so easily I'll do it tomorrow...
"We don't need an other sermon, conference, christian book or cd, 
but we simply need to do the last thing God has told us to do.
Deal your yesterday today, 
because all you have is today."
-Christine Caine

So start your change today!
If you are willing& ready to change 
God is initiating lasting change 
 Today God can set us free! 


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