31 days of change: Day 31: Submit to God daily!

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Oh wow this it the final day of my project of writing 31 days about change! :)
This has been a good month for myself as I have been studying about the subject 
and I hope my posts have been encouraging you too.
And we haven't been focusing only on change, but change that lasts...
The change that can happen with God's help.
Believe that the change is possible!
As a last day and last tip for a change I would like to say that 
it's good to share your new goal or the thing you want to change in your life with a good friend of yours so you can have help to do this process of change.
And then most importantly SUBMIT TO GOD DAILY!
When you submit to God daily it's easier to resist to a temptation and it's
easier to reach your goal of your process to change.

Few weeks ago I watched a sermon from pastor Craig Groeschel and he talked about his prayer of submission he prays everyday and I want to share with you this powerful prayer:

"Dear God,
I choose today to submit my whole being to you.
I submit my mind to you:
give me the mind of Christ.
Help me to think only things that are excellent and pure.
God I submit my ears to you today so I would only let 
into my soul what is consistent to your truth.
Give me the wisdom to not let the lies in but only
to believe the truth.
I submit my eyes to you God.
That they would only look on things that
are pure.
I submit my mouth to you God.
That my words would be pleasing to you.
That they would bring you glory in what I say and
build others up.
I submit my heart to you God.
Give me a pure heart.
Make my motives to be pure to serve you.
I submit my hands to you God.
That they would be used to build people for your kingdom.
I submit my feet to you God.
That I would go only to places that are pleasing to you.
God I submit every part of my body to you.
Today my life is yours,
use it as you see it.
In Jesus' name.

-Craig Groeschel

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