My daily joys...

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1. View from Bergamo (Italy...)  2. Love Bergamo's old town.
3. School kids are studying how the  sundial works. 4. Beautiful,old wall...
5. Nice shop with all these blue things...  6. Today was the last day of school for my sons.
7. Someone painted a hand on the wall...

As you may know I love taking photos but I don’t carry my camera with me all the time so that’s why it’s wonderful to have an iPhone…When ever I see something beautiful,colorful,interesting or just something inspirational it’s easy to take a photo with my iPhone and then I love to edit the photos with Instagram. It's also a great way to recognize all the great gifts and joys God has for us!
So I’ll take one photo every day from my daily life and I’ll post the photos here once a week,on Fridays…Thank you Father;life is beautiful! 


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