One thousand gifts:3 things for which I am thankful this week

In the summertime I can find some wonderful smells in my garden! 
I am so thankful for God also for these things...

-I love the smell of a fresh basil!
I use basil to make fresh pesto or I just add it into salads and soups...

- I love the smell of a fresh dill!
As a child I couldn't understand why my daddy had to add dill to every fish plate...
But nowadays I agree;dill tastes so well with fish especially with salmon!Try it!

- I love the smell of a fresh mint!
Add few mint leaves to your tea and you will have such a nice flavor!


2 commenti:

  1. Beautiful pictures! We have an herb garden too, although we only grow dill for the butterflies and not to eat. :) You were near me on the Monday Multitude list today. I'm so glad I stopped by. May grace and peace be yours in abundance this week in our Lord Jesus Christ.

    1. Thank you!Yes it's true that also butterflies love the smell of the dill!;)
      God bless you- and thanks for visiting!