One thousand gifts:3 things for which I am thankful this week

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 In Italy, like maybe in many other countries I guess it is common to buy water in bottles.
But I don't have to do it anymore...In our town has been opened so called water point from where I can go and get water for free.I just need to have my own bottles with me and they can be filled...
I love this gift; I love to have my glass bottles full of pure water! 

Well this is a funny story to be thankful for! 
A week ago I was talking with my sister that I would like to find a nice,red nail polish...
And few days later a friend of mine gave me a gift:a full bottle of A RED NAIL POLISH!
She had been praying and asking God to whom she could give this red nail polish that she didn't need herself!Isn't God great?! :)

And God's word is just full of everything I need in my life:


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