31 days of powerful prayer. Day 16: Why my prayers are unanswered?(Part 2)

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God wants us to go to Him and to believe that He is good and that He is
our heavenly Father and that He is in charge. He wants to take care of us.
But unfortunately sometimes we let ourselves to believe the enemy's lies
and we think that yes,God can do great things but at the moment I don't 
believe He will do them for me. We think we are not worthy...
But we have to remember that Jesus has done for us:He made us righteous 
through His death on the cross. So yes we are God's child and He is our Daddy 
who loves us and hears us and who will answer us!
So when we pray we need to remember this...if you don't it might be the reason your prayers are unanswered.

SO remember that God is a loving and perfect Father!
Pray boldly and regularly and get your prayers answered!
Expect God to fill all your needs!
Be blessed!

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