31 days of powerful prayer. Day 3: So...how to hear from God?

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So by now we know that God wants to speak to us and that our relationship with God would not be a one-way speech we need to listen to God.
 But the question is how will He get it done? How can we hear from God?
The Bible is full of stories of people who took time to hear what God wanted to say to them.
For example Jesus took time in the morning to stay in the stillness with his heavenly Father
to get the comfort and direction he needed.
So.We need to do the same thing. 
Be still, and know that I am God.
-Psalm 46:10 
All of us have so called background conversation going on in our minds.
So stillness doesn't necessary mean that we have to get in a quiet place although that often helps 
a lot. But being still is more about to quiet that voice in your head.It's not easy but we
can do it by God's help. 
And when we are still and in that quiet place in front of God we can start
to listen to Him.
God speaks in different ways.
Often actually God is quiet and doesn't really speak in a voice we could hear (but also this can happen!), but there are different ways how we can hear from God.

God speaks through his Word.
By reading His Scripture we get a fix on God's heart and God helps to apply His truth 
into our lives.And the Holy Spirit will help us to understand God's word and
He even helps us to remember or find a verse when we most need it.
And that's God speaking to us!

God speaks through people.
God says for example that He cares for you and he can say it through 
arms of a friend in a moment you really need a hug.
Or maybe in a very needy a busy moment a neighbor or a relative brings
us some food.
That's God speaking to you:I provide for you!

God speaks through the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit talks to us-He leads us!

"Listening to God speak to us through His Holy Spirit is not only normal;it is essential."
-Bill Hybels

So be still. And hear from God!


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