31 days of powerful prayer. Day 25:Pray for the sick

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It's God will for us to be well and not sick!
So we should fight against sickness, because have  God's promises in His word:
He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases.
-Psalm 103:3

Yes, I will restore you to health. I will heal your wounds. I, the LORD, affirm it!
-Jeremiah 30:17

So keep this in mind:it's God's will to heal when you pray!
It's important that you don't doubt it, because you won't
receive healing if you at the same time waver in your heart
whether or not it's God's will to heal. 
So if you are sick pray and believe that God wants you well.
But pray also for other people who are sick.
Admit your faults to one another and pray for each other so that you may be healed.  
-James 5:16 

And actually Jesus tells us to heal the sick in  Matthew 10:8:
Heal the sick, 
raise the dead, cure the lepers, and cast out demons. 
Give as freely as you have received! 

God does miracles even today and see what John 14:12 says:
I tell you the solemn truth, the person who believes in me will perform the miraculous deeds that I am doing, and will perform greater deeds than these, because I am going to the Father.  

So everyone who receives Christ is given authority!
Jesus used many and varied ways of healing so 
in the Bible we don't find a simple form or model how to pray for
the sick.But the the important thing that we can learn from Jesus was
His relationship with the Father.
So when we pray for the sick we have to depend on God and work with the 
Holy Spirit.
And then we see also that Jesus always talked and asked the person what was wrong.
So when you pray for the sick ask how can you pray for him/her? Ask how long he/she has been sick? Ask if he/she knows the cause or if they do know how come they have this problem.
And while asking listen to the Holy Spirit's guiding!He may give you a word of knowledge.
Then we see from the Bible that Jesus actually didn't pray for the sick but he commanded in prayer.
The commands were not directed to God, but toward people's conditions.

So for example you can command like this:
In the name of Jesus, I command the........................(the name of sickness) in 
.............................(person's name and place in the body) to be healed.
Pain leave now!

Commanding prayers are directed toward the problem and not toward God.
After praying for a person ask how he/she is doing and if nothing seems to happen
continue to pray.It's important to know though that often the healing miracle doesn't
happen immediately but later after some time. So persist in prayer!

And when healing happens remember always to thank God and honor Him for what He did!
Thanksgiving and praise are  important in the healing process!



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