31 days of powerful prayer. Day 30: Make prayer a habit

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How often do talk to God and listen for His heart? 

Pray all the time. 
-Ephesians 6:18 

We are called to pray all the time in every occasion, in every season...
but God wants us to have a specific appointments with Him.
Many of us want to have God's presence in our lives;yet we don't want to or we are too busy to form a habit that would actually invite God's presence in our lives.
But when we make a prayer a habit, we stay constantly tuned to God's presence
and in that way we are open to receive His blessings.

"If a goal is really important to me, I discipline myself in order to achieve it.
And same is true with prayer.
It's time to make a decision:I will learn what disciplines are necessary
to fuel my prayer life and I will practice these disciplines regularly,
without fail. "
-Bill Hybels

Every person's prayer life is different so feel free to pursue prayer the way God leads you.
Praying it's simply talking to God and nothing else can improve your relationship 
with God than prayer. 

"We never become certified experts in prayer and we never stop learning
to communicate with God;our experiences just keep getting 
richer and better."
-Joyce Meyer

Watch and pray.
-Matthew 26:41 

Whatever  is your best time in your day,
give that to communion with God.
Make prayer a habit- 
you can be sure that things will change in your life;
prayer changes the one who prays.

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