31 days of powerful prayer. Day 28: Soak in God's presence

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Today I want to encourage you to do something different in your prayer time:
Take some time; at least 20 minutes and just soak in God's presence.
What is soaking prayer?
Soaking prayer is about experiencing intimacy with God.
It's a prayer where we set apart regular time exclusively to spend with our Heavenly Father.
  Many times when we come before the Lord in prayer we do so with our list of things that we want or need. Often we are the ones doing all the talking. But God wants to have communion with us, which is a two-way conversation.

When you seek Him, you will find Him.

"There must be time for Him, 
just to love Him and to have Him love us,
no other agendas, no shopping list or prayer requests. 
We need to put loving Him first, because only as we are filled with His love do we have love to give away." 
-Carol Arnott

So how can you do this soaking time with God? 

You can do the soaking prayer anywhere, and at any time.
It's just important that you find a comfortable place.You can lie down or you can sit-
whatever is more comfortable for you.
Then settle down and open your heart to the Lord;
just relax and enjoy being still.
If it helps to put on a quiet worship CD, feel free to do that.
Then just soak and invite the Holy Spirit to speak to you.
Focus on the Lord's presence within you and
rest in faith, believing He is working in you.
Respond to the direction of the Father; 
and in the end get up refreshed and full of the Holy Spirit.


Worship. Listen. Respond.

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