31 days without stress- day 20

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A smile is nourishment for the heart!
Everyone knows how to smile.
But did you know that it only takes 17 muscles to smile,but 43 to frown?
So it's easier to smile and look happy than looking sour.
Smile is one of the greatest gifts God has given us. 
It's actually amazing how a smile can change things...
The other day while taking my sons to school one other mother greeted me by name, but she didn't smiled at me even if I did...So I just thought that if she had smiled the greeting would have been
so much nicer and warmer...
But unfortunately many people  don't understand how expressing joy will change their circumstances and, perhaps, the lives of others. 
Sometimes we are so stressed and worried that we forget how good medicine smiling is.
But smiling really makes you feel good and less stressed!
Expressing joy through of smiling brings good things into your own life
 and shares the joy and light of the Lord with others.

So make it a point to smile more!
and see how it changes how you feel!

The world needs every smile it can get and you too!

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