31 days without stress- day 24

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When you are stressed you body produces stress hormones called cortisol and if your body has an excessive amount of cortisol it can prevent your body from processing fat.
And from my own experience I can say that's true...
I went to a nutritionist I guess a year and a half ago and he misured
my stress level and it was very high...and it continued to be high...and
he told me that if I continue to be stressed it's nearly impossible to loose 
When live a situation that causes you stress it causes a chemical reaction in your body
that is basically the same as the stress caused by famine.And when the reaction is the 
same as a famine your body wants to gain weight to protect you from the stress.
But anyways it doesn't help our stress if we keep on filling ourselves with wrong kind of foods.
I have been studying a lot about nutrition during the past year and I have to say that there isn't
such thing as a perfect diet.Actually I'm more and more convinced that dieting isn't any good.
Diet means that you will eat in a certain way for a certain period of time...
Instead we need to form healthy eating habits that will last forever.

Have you ever heard said YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT?
That's true...Maybe you have developed bad habits of eating junk foods or
eating too much food, or maybe you are  not drinking enough water.
All of these things can be harmful to us.
And if you are willing to change your eating habits you will be sure you will start to
feel better and for sure it will help also your stress.

Healthy eating is essential to our well-being! 

Choose carefully the foods you eat.
The simple rule is stay away from processed food
and eat living food as much as possible.
This means plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits,nuts and seeds...
Limit the caffeine. Drink more water. 
Eat more organic when you can.
Discipline yourself to make healthy choices-
ask God to help you!
And become healthier&less stressed!
God bless you!


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