31 days without stress- day 7

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When people don't act or respond the way we think they should or would like them to, we can try to change them, resent them, hate them, be angry at them or be offended...
Or we are offended from the things people have said about us...and we can just so easily
 keep on dwelling on those negative words. But the thing is that this makes us only
stressed and hurt.And holding on to offenses means holding on unforgiveness.

In Romans 12:14 we are instructed to bless and pray for those who hurt us.
And as we know that the source of our stress isn’t really difficulties,
 circumstances and situations but it’s our attitude so let's choose today
the right attitude.
For some people ( like me...) it's so easy to get easily offended but it's our choice...

So would you like to practice with me and say aloud:

(+ I am too blessed to be stressed!) :)

Have a blessed day!

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