31 days without stress- day 26

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Being excessively tired and stressed will affect our health and
it can affect also our spiritual life.
So as God tells us that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit we
want to keep it in a good condition and this simply means we need 
to exercise.
Don't worry; I'm probably preaching more to myself than to you...
But if you don't exercise regularly I would like to encourage also you
to make room in your life for some exercise.
It can be a walk or gym...whatever you prefer,but
I have learned an interesting thing that
if you are really stressed so then it's better to avoid a long lasting 
aerobic exercises because long-term, aerobic exercise increases cortisol secretion.
Weight training is good for everyone 2-3 times a week and then 
a perfect exercise for stressed people is interval training which
lasts about 20-30minutes.

And for a great interval training I really want to recommend you to
download on your ipod or iphone an interval training with some great Christian music!
I have tried this and I really like it!You can download the C25K Podcasts
from iTunes or for more information go to the website


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