31 days without stress- day 15

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If you are stressed it would be good to stop for a minute and
think about what you are thinking about...
It's vital to understand that we can
 choose our own thinking!
Maybe you can have a habit to always think about the worse,
or think about whatever falls into your mind...
Or  maybe you just keep on thinking simply how stressed you are...

Martyn Lloyd-Jones has said:
“Most unhappiness in life is due to the fact 
that you are listening to yourself rather than talking to yourself.” 
So if you are hearing negative thoughts in your head, 
you need to learn to give yourself positive thoughts!
The good news is that we can develop positive thoughts. 
For many people, that doesn’t happen naturally. 
It’s easy for your mind to sink to the lowest level and
 think the worst of people...
But, you can train yourself to think positively. 
The medical studies show that thinking positively decreases negative stress
so choose to think positively!
 When you focus on the positives you will see how your
perspectives changes:
It will give you more energy,you will be more happy and 
you will reach your goals in life more easily.
So simply:

They will come with songs of joy to Zion. 
Joy that lasts forever will be on their heads.
 They will receive joy and happiness, 
and sorrow and sad voices will hurry away. 
Isaiah 51:11 NLV

Lord, I look to you for my joy and gladness!
Help me today to think the right,positive thoughts!



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