31 days without stress- day 9

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Are you worried?Is worrying making you stressed?
Unfortunately it's so easy to worry...
about health,family,kids,marriage,finances,relationships,food,weather,safety,clothes...

I found some great words regarding worry from the John Maxwell Company written by  
Jeremie Kubicek:
"Here is how it usually works... First, worry sets in around pressure (usually financial or unmet expectations). Second, it begins to fester and take on more influence than it deserves in our minds. Third, we begin to change the way we behave. Fourth, worry begins to affect the way we think. Pressure mounts and we begin to be very short term in our strategy and thinking. Finally, if unchecked worry usually leads us to the very place we didn't want to go - it leads to a semblance of failure.
In reality, worry becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The very things we didn't want to happen happen because we obsess about them and thus it turns people away from us because of irrational, inconsistent behavior."

So worry doesn't really change anything...
I love how Corrie ten Boom have said:

 God tells us NOT TO WORRY!
So if you are worried take your worries to Him!
Avoid the worry thoughts& pray.

God is trustworthy and He takes care of you!


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